Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am now heading back to DC after spending the last few days in Albuquerque for the National Tribal Environmental Council conference. I think the main thing I learned from the entire experience is that I have a lot to learn about tribal environmental issues. It was truly a humbling, sobering experience and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.

I also found a little time to squeeze in a couple mountain bike rides with a bike I rented from Fat Tire Cycles. Renting a bike seems to be the way to go now that the airlines are really ramping up the cargo fee. On the first day Nina Baum and her friend Adam were kind enough to show me some of their local trails. I was really impressed with the trails around Otero Canyon. Great climbing, technical rocky stuff here and there, fun descents, and endless miles of single track can be found in the Cibola National Forest. Between the altitude and the slightly heavier bike, each climb was a slow, lung burning experience. I also found cornering to feel a little awkward on 29” wheels as my center of gravity seemed a little difficult to locate at times. I was pretty impressed with how easy it is to get over big stuff on a 29er. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera on the ride! Thanks again Nina and Adam for letting me tag along!

For my second ride I headed to the foothills where I happened upon a local who was kind enough to let me follow him around. These trails were super fast on hard packed dirt with very little climbing. It’s a popular area with lots of intersecting trails, making for a few close calls with cyclists and trail runners. One group of cyclists confused me with Krista Park! It must be my impressive quads. Speaking of quads, when I got back to the car a woman sheepishly approached me, and asked if cycling makes your thighs get big. She was hoping to fit into her skinny jeans and wanted to know if I thought cycling was a good way to tone things up. Although all bodies are different, I conceded that my thighs tend to get bigger the more I ride and squeezing my badunkadunk into tight jeans does pose a problem. That’s the ugly truth. Although, I suppose I could have advised her to spin in an easy gear with a high cadence.

So, now I’m heading back to DC, where I will then catch a flight to Miami for a quick visit with the family. Poor Jeff is starting to get restless back at home.

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Rob said...

29er is the way to go - although I don't know if you could/should rock it with the "lefty"