Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baker's Dozen

What better way to get to know your new team than to race with them for 13 hours and then hang out around a bonfire with lots of good beer? Emily, Jessica and I came together as the Gripped Racing Chicks in the 3-person coed class. Although we knew the winning teams would most likely be comprised of a mmf combo, we didn't let that get us down. We fought the good fight and laid it on the line each and every lap. Jeff even joined me on a lap, sitting on my wheel and offering words of encouragement along the way (I think that ended up being my fastest lap). The course is fast and smooth, with only a few rock features here and there just to keep things interesting. Although we didn't take home the win (that went to Wes Schempf and Co.), it does look like we were the first all female team. Can't wait for next year, I hear there may be a 3-person category just for the ladies! Oh, and I forgot to give props to Amanda Watson for coming out with her drums! Hope you're killin' it down at Speed Week Amanda!

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