Monday, February 1, 2010


Sometimes life is a lot like tiling a bathroom. Every now and then you have to stop and make sure you're lined up with your desired destination. But life is kind of messy, and what started out as neat rows of tile, some how becomes something of a mosaic. Needless to say, I've been doing some realigning, and making decisions that I think parallel my long term goals ...which isn't always easy to figure out. (photo: Sunday's snow ride)

In addition to my professional life, I've also been reassessing my plans for the 2010 mtb season. At first I was under the impression that, the Kenda Cup Series would be around again this year, but instead it's just a bunch of qualifier races that aren't really a part of a any kind of series. Then there's the US Pro XC Tour and the Triple Crown series, both of which take place primarily on the west side of the Mississippi.

2010 USA Cycling Pro Cross Country Mountain Bike Tour
March 27: US Cup Fontana - Fontana, California
April 18: Sea Otter Classic - Monterey, California
May 29: Mellow Johnny’s Classic - Dripping Springs, Texas
June 26: Subaru Cup - Mt. Morris, Wisconsin
July 10: Carmichael Training Systems International Classic - Colorado Springs, Colorado

This year, I think I have decided to reduce the carbon footprint of my racing season and primarily follow the Mid-Atlantic Super Series. In years past the women's fields have been quite small, but perhaps things will be different this season. I can't help but wonder if usacycling is at at all concerned with the future of the sport, particularly for the women.


Emily said...

It is depressing sometimes how little support women's mountain biking gets ... all the more reason though for us to rock the 3-girl team at Bakers Doz!

(side note - may be game for more than a few MASS races myself!)

Anna said...

For sure! And congrats on last weekend's race!

mikejoos said...

East cost riders got the short end of the stick this year… Maybe next year race organizers will make all US Pro XC races east of the Mississippi to make up for this year.

It will be nice to have your company @ MASS races!

Anna said...

Will your mom send along sliced watermelon like she used to?

Richardo said...

There will always be bikes and mountain biking even if there are no races.... and leave it to someone in search of a good time and some cool friends to bring out the beer and put on a grassroots race with nothing but blood and pride on the line. Anyone wanna come out west for the Mount Elden Repack to take place this spring? I promise a good party afterwards....It'll make your whole season.

Manicmtbr said...

The MASS stepped up the payout for the Woman's Elite races this year. First place men and woman are equal $300 payouts! Timing will be electronic at most events and for a grassroots series, I think you will find it to be "most professional".

Rob said...

from Lorena:
I see your frustration. The east coast definitely gets the short end of the stick in the national races. But then I guess you just have to realize that at least you have access to tons of awesome trails and some fun local flavor of races. And you'll just have to dish out the pain on the men instead of the girls, perhaps!

Anna said...

Indeed, looking forward to seeing you all at various MASS races this season. Oh, and Richardo, I'll try to make it out west if I can afford the vacation time! Way to keep it old school.