Sunday, February 28, 2010


The last week or so has left little time for blogging, so I'll do my best to outline the highlights. Last weekend, Julie, Mel, and I enjoyed ladies' night in Frederick. Oh, and I found a box of abandon cupcakes on the side of the road! Saturday night, Jeff and I headed to Great Falls for the MORE annual meeting. Congratulations to Joe on his new position! (Chris and Jeff at the MORE party)

Thursday night I swung by Conte's to pick up my new Cannondale Scalpel!!! I have finally decided to let go of the hardtail and embrace full suspension technology. Oh, and the Scalpel is an impressive 2lbs. lighter than my Kona (or Fauxna as Jeff likes to call it ....we have reason to believe it might be a Chinese knock-off)

Because the watershed refuses to thaw, this weekend's rides were all on the road. Right now I'm trying to scrape up the motivation to head out for an afternoon of hill repeats on Gambrill Park Rd. Last night Jeff and I met up with Gripped Racing for a team dinner at Dogfish Head. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so the logo will have to suffice. Looking forward to a season of racing with my new team!

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