Monday, February 8, 2010


Against our better judgment, Jeff and I decided to brave the roads and head south for a week of training in Clemson, South Carolina. Lucky for me, Snowmageddon happened to fall during my week between jobs as well as during my biggest training week of the year. Really, this was an honest coincidence. After a hectic few hours on I-95, watching SUVs swerve across lanes of ice and snow while talking on their cell phones, the snow eventually dwindled to nothing and we finally arrived in Clemson just after midnight.

Today's ride was a welcome reprieve from the snowpocalypse we left behind. Clear skies, near perfect trail conditions, and temperatures somewhere in the 50s. While in Clemson we're staying in a home located directly across from the Isaqueena Trail System in the Clemson Experimental Forest. With over 50 miles of trail on 17,640 acres of land, there is more than enough singletrack for a solid day of riding. Heading out with Jeff and Jeremiah, Ian and I soon settled into our own pace. Ian is a Clemson local and was kind enough to show me around the forest. Super taco made for the perfect post-ride meal.

Looking forward to a full week of warm snowless rides before returning to my government job.


Emily said...

Have a blast! Isaqueena was one of the first places I rode in the south - so much fun!

Anna said...

Yeah,I love the tight twisty rooty stuff and it's pretty hard to get lost. Sorry we missed you at Banff!

Rob said...

from Lorena: So you're saying that you didn't switch jobs just so that you'd have a week off during your biggest training week? I'm not sure if I'm buying that. :)