Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Groundhog Day

Due to the fresh layer of snow, I opted to ride the road into work yesterday. Leaving from Dickerson, Joos kept me company until the turn onto River Road. I stopped to take a photo of the anti-share the road sign that always cracks me up. Does this mark the spot where cars are no longer expected to pass with care, and may instead run cyclists off the road with impunity?

After work I joined Amanda at Nellie's for a few rounds of Drag Queen Bingo. I really had my sights on the badminton set, but lady luck refused to look my way.


riderx said...

Where is that sign? Best guess is that it marks the end of county maintenance or something.

Anna said...

Nope, it's on River Road as you head into DC ...about six miles before it intersects with Falls Rd.