Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clemson Recap

Overall, Jeff and I both got in some good training in during our week down south. I got in a few good rides around Clemson in the beginning of the week before heading to 3 Gap in Dahlonega, GA. Climbing up Neel Gap, I was reminded of my collegiate cycling days as well as my tender high school years when I spent long hours doing trail work on the Appalachian Trail. That was back when I thought mountain biking was nothing more than a vicious assault on our vulnderable top soil.

Arriving in Athens later that night, I met up with my good friend Maria. Unfortunately, I was unable to fully enjoy her company as I was soon struck by a nasty case of food poisoning. Turns out, Jeff also spent the evening crouched next to the toilet bowl in Clemson, which leads me to believe that Super Taco is to blame for our illness. Friday's snow storm also put a damper on the riding conditions, so the remainder of our time in Clemson was spent nibbling on crackers and sipping watered down Gatorade. [photo: Jeff & Jeremiah (left), snow ride (ride)]

It was kind of disappointing to drive 9 hours south only to get hit with a nasty case of food poisoning and a fresh blanket of snow. Although, on the positive side, we did get in some quality training earlier in the week and, thanks to Super Taco, I'm down to race weight and it's not even March!

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mikejoos said...

Nice job making to race weight!… sorry you needed to re-taste your super taco to get there.