Friday, January 8, 2010

Response to FB Hate Group

Outcry against the Facebook hate group is gaining momentum. Just yesterday, efforts to end the hate group culminated in the response, "Help Remove this Hate Group Against Cyclists!" (many thanks to Sarah for the heads up on this). I'm not sure how long it takes Facebook to respond to such issues, but hopefully it won't be much longer before the group is wiped from facebook existence.

Tensions between drivers and cyclists need to be diffused and hate groups only help to add fuel to a fire that is already out of control. Christopher Thomspon, the enraged LA doctor who injured two cyclists with his vehicle last summer (pictured above), is scheduled to be sentenced this morning, Friday, January 8th. Guilty of six felonies, prosecuters are asking for eight years in prison (VeloNews).

Also during the summer of 2009, Charles Alexander, a retired Asheville firefighter shot at a cyclist, narrowly missing his head by less than an inch. He was sentenced to a measly 120 days in prison for attempted murder (Streetsblog).

We must diffuse this anger and aggression before another cyclist is injured or killed by an irate driver and ending the facebook hate group is a good place to start. (photo taken from Help Remove this Facebook Group Against Cyclists!)


gwadzilla said...

no doubt.

gfm said...

Thompson got 5 years instead of eight. Hopefully this case will en-enforce the message to those that don't like to share the road to reconsider their actions when approaching a cyclist.

crs said...