Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Disturbing Facebook Group

I was recently made aware of a Facebook group that is so troubling, it makes me nauseous. The group is called "There's a Perfectly Good Path Right Next to the Road You Stupid Cyclist" and is unified in their hatred of cyclists. Not only do they complain about petty inconveniences caused by cyclists, but also applaud and encourage aggressive driving as a means to scare and intimidate cyclists off the road. One fan's comment to the photo on the right reads as follows: "i would love to do this to cyclists!" This group is wrong on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin. And I suspect that anyone who chooses to associate with such a group must be so mentally, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt, that any attempt to convince them of their egregious behavior would only fall on deaf ears. Many of the group's fans look to be rather young maybe there is still time to help these young people realize that driving should not be the only transportation option ....and that they have been forced into their cars because the roads have become too dangerous in suburban America ....and that they are more susceptible to morbid obesity by living a car dependent lifestyle ...and that threatening someone with your car is assault ...and that a cyclist should not have to pay for a minor inconvenience with their life.

If this group disturbs you as much as it does me, you can file a report by clicking on the link at the bottom left hand corner of the page.

Hmmm ....I just happened to notice that one of the fans on this page was wearing a Dirt Rag jersey . He seems to be a fairly well known cyclist in Pittsburgh. I don't understand the logic behind this man's association with such a group. Maybe he's a double agent?


Deb said...

Thanks for posting about this. I filed a report. Hope FB takes action. It's more than disturbing that there are 32 THOUSAND people who think that threatening vehicular homicide is a good thing. I'm so angry I could spit.

culimerc said...

I was at least 2 other guys wearing jerseys as well. Here's one

Anonymous said...

fuck em!! hats off to all that ride> i dont ride bikes or harleys, but i certainly dont support killing motor cyclist and damn sure not bikers. people are sick and its just getting worse!thanks for the info! would have never known .

Dadryan said...

I think you have to join the group to post comments. That's probably the reason you see cyclists as members. I thought about it, but did nothing more than reporting them as a hate group. Sure changed my mind about dreaming of visiting Australia. Stupid hicks. In theory I've got more important things to do than get into a war of words with a bunch of socially retarded, mad max wanna-bees.

Anna said...

Thanks to everyone who reported this page!

Craig said...

There’s a new spinoff FB fan page that represents cyclist's POV, which you can support. Check it out here:

Michael said...

Of course this is very nasty stuff.

But you have to look at the context. This hate comes from Australia where I live and ride, and is reflective of the toxic cycle/car situation which exists.

Two month ago a cyclist hopped on a Sydney city bus and began to beat up the driver, who he felt had cut him off.

The other side of the story was that the cyclist was in the bus lane, the bus's territory, not his. Things degenerate real fast here.

A root cause is that we have basically a mono cycling culture in Australia. The typical cyclist I see or a motorist encounters, is lycra clad, head down, eyes hidden by shades, going like the clappers.

He, it's almost always a he, and gives in the impression he's using the roads as training tracks.

When motorists come across two such guys abreast, obviously going slower than a car, they get mad at being drawn into this road training session, and usually honk, get abusive, etc.

Both are right. Motorists should be more patient. And cyclists should be more considerate. If runners are on the roads, the streets are either closed for the event, or the sole runner keeps to the shoulder.

More radically, the vibe would be vastly changed for the better if this mono culture morphed into something richer, like that of Europe where a vast majority of riders use bikes mainly as transport, wear no special clothes, and see no battle lines drawn.

But for this to happen here, the legitimacy of the sit-up bike, the classic way to get from A to B, all over the world, Europe , Asia, has to be valued, respected. It's not at the moment.

Most bike shops will go to great lengths to persuade you not to seek such a bike precisely because, I suspect, it is seen as a threat to the ongoing war with which the Lycra brigade feel some affinity. The sit-up is seen as a sort of white flag, not of surrender, but co existence.

I ride a sit-up in normal clothes on the same roads. I keep to the side. I never experience the rage coming from this facebook group.

I also promote the cultural diversification on my blog;

A mono culture forest is not healthy, nor is a mono cycling one.

Mike Rubbo

bobdabody said...

obvioulsy none of the members of this group have seen the scraper bike video posted on your site or they would sell there car and get a scraper bike instead.... its so much cooler.