Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Season Ahead

For the upcoming season I have finally decided to simplify my life. Now that I am thirty, I think I am ready to listen to that still, small voice that says to me "Anna, for f#@! sake, stop spreading yourself so thin". So, in honor of my inner wise woman (and the prodding of friends and family) I have finally decided to focus entirely on mountain biking for the 2010 season. As hard as it will be for me to let go of the road scene, I really believe this is the best decision for my mental and physical health.

As one of the newest team members on Gripped Racing, I attended the team's first meeting of the season at Conte's on Thursday night. I've actually never been to any of the Conte's shops, and was very impressed with their overall shop morale and enthusiasm for the team. Team manager, Jason Berry, really has done a great job of putting together a well run team.

Preparing for the season ahead, the 2010 Kenda Cup race schedule has been posted. Although the current organization is a bit confusing, it looks like the 2010 schedule has some good races. I'm especially looking forward to Tsali and Windham.

In other news, good times were had at James and Mel's ugly Christmas sweater party last night. The cherry bomb launching was a real crowd pleaser. Not to brag, but I was among the few to catch the cherry. I think it's a sign of a promising racing season in 2010.

Cherry Bomb Slingshot

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gwadzilla said...

the Gripped Team is a good group!

I really like those guys

some solid riders with a great deal of passion for the sport

Congrats on linking up with them