Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday Jeff and I met up with Roger and the Sornson's for a nice long ride in Michaux. Every time I ride in Michaux I have absolutely no idea where I am. Yesterday's ride covered whatever area the summer race takes place in. Wherever we were, I am always impressed by the miles and miles of uninterrupted single track.

After a good four hour ride, we piled back into Lee's truck and headed for the Sornson estate. There we enjoyed a hearty dinner if venison chili and libations. Even with a sink overflowing with dishes, a hamper overflowing with clothes, and walls in desperate need of painting, I'm glad we found the time to spend a day in the woods with good friends and beautiful trails. Thanks again to Lee & Cheryl for hosting the day's events!

And as a side story, I find it interesting that, although the Michaux State Forest was named after a french botanist, Andre Michaux, the Michaux family name is also linked to the invention of the bicycle. It seems that the forest's name sake sealed it's destiny as a sanctuary for East Coast mountainbiking. (Read more below)

Pierre and Ernest Michaux:
Many historians credit Pierre and Ernest Michaux as being the true inventors of the modern bicycle. This father and son duo operated a company that made carriages in Paris when they first assembled a two-wheeled vélocipède around 1867. This bike was was propelled like a tricycle, with its cranks and pedals connected to the front wheel. (

Andre Michaux:
The Michaux State Forest is located in Adams, Cumberland and Franklin counties. It is named in honor of Andre Michaux, a French botanist, dispatched by the King and Queen of France in 1785 to gather plants for the Royal Gardens. He and his son Francois Andre Michaux are noted for discovering and identifying a host of flowers, shrubs and trees. (pennsylvania dcnr)


Anonymous said...

Anna, I loved your post. Andre Michaux is a major character in my upcoming novel (The Fairest Portion of the Globe, due out in February), so I have spent a lot of time eating, sleeping, and breathing Michaux for the last couple of years. But I haven't ever biked in his forest -- and I had no idea about the bicycle connection! Thanks for the great post.

Anna said...

Wow, that's really interesting! Glad you liked the post, and I'll be sure to check out your book when it comes out in February.