Monday, November 2, 2009

We Got Married!!!

Life hasn’t left much time for blogging lately, but now that we have settled into our new house and the wedding has come and gone I finally have time to sit and reflect on all the events of the summer. Among these, I’d like to take a moment to blog about our wedding day. (photo by JoeFoleyPhotography)

I’m not even really sure where to start. There are so many different directions you can take a wedding summary. I could reflect philosophically on the meaning of weddings. What does it mean to have a traditional versus a non-traditional wedding? I could give an overview of the details of the day. Or, I could reflect on the big life lessons that the whole experience taught us. Maybe I’ll try to do a little of everything. (photo by Dave Carbonell)

With so many of our friends and family contributing their various talents to the celebration, our wedding was something of a barn-raising. Becky made the bowl that held our rings. Christian, Mellissa, and Kate played the ceremony music. Joe Foley was our photographer. My step-father, Ted, took care of last minute decorations. My childhood pastor performed the ceremony. Joe Jefferson was the DJ. Jeff created center pieces made of old bike parts (thanks Roger!) and wood from the watershed. I made jam with blueberries I picked in Thurmont. Our rings were melted down from family heirlooms. Maggie laced up my dress with the skill and precision of a world class surgeon. And Hillary created a welcome home mural on the front of our house with shaving cream. Everyone came together to show their support of our union. (photo by David Carbonell)

After the ceremony, Jeff and I walked from the chapel to the reception down Market Street and along Caroll Creek. Frederick’s annual street festival had just come to an end and families filled the sidewalks. Cars honked as they passed to congratulate us on our recent nuptials. The creek was busy with paddle boaters and music from the roof top concert played in the background. The harvest moon hung low in the sky, and Jeff and I walked hand in hand through some of our favorite places in Frederick. I am so grateful that we had this quiet time to be together before the reception as it gave us a chance to truly appreciate the newness of our marriage. (photo by JoeFoleyPhotography)

Weddings can sometimes become a bastardized version of what they were originally intended to be. (photo by JoeFoleyPhotography) While there is certainly nothing wrong with ornate flower arrangements, intricate wedding cakes, and satin bridal gowns, these things are only accessories. I think Jeff and I did a pretty good job of keeping things in perspective. Looking around the room at our reception, each table represented a group of people who, at different phases in our lives, had a hand in molding us into the people we are today. It was through these people that we learned the skills necessary to be a loyal friend and loving partner. I truly believe that a relationship will not survive if it is not based in a healthy community of friends and family. Again, thank you to everyone who was there. And for those of you who were unable to make it (Lorena et al.), please know that you were in our hearts. (photo by Joe Whitehair)

In the weeks following the wedding I spent a little too much time reflecting on all the things I wish I could have done differently. I honestly thought I was too smart to fall victim to this, but I eventually found myself obsessing over the fact that I didn’t have a chance to talk to everyone, or that I forgot to give a formal thank you to all our friends and family, or that I never once reapplied my lipstick. I think this is a fairly common post-wedding issue, especially for women. Now that I have a little more perspective, I wonder if toiling over regrets isn’t more about trying to hang onto the wedding day. Kind of like the post holiday blues, it’s a little sad when the day is over. Looking back and obsessing over things you wish you had done differently might be a subconscious way of staying emotionally attached to the day. Or maybe I just think too much. Now that a month has passed from our wedding day, I am able to let go of these trivial regrets and focus more on the beautiful memories that we will reflect on for the rest of our lives.


Joe said...

Thanks for asking me to be a part of you day (and putting up with how long it's taking to get you the rest of your pictures -- almost done now).

I had a great time and was really glad to have such a cool & laid back couple as my first wedding client...

thanks and congratulations

Anna said...

I've always loved your photos and it meant so much to us to have you and Maili there to capture our wedding day!Thanks again!

Lorena said...

Yay!!! Finally a sequel to Ducktown. I think we've already discussed most things about your wedding, but this is the first pic I've seen of your cake and I love it!
Thanks for keeping me in your heart. After reading about how all your friends contributed in different ways, I've been thinking hard about how I would have contributed. Here it is: I would have escorted you away from the wedding on my unicorn.

Anna said...

Hey Lo! Please reread the above post for my updated shout out to you. I started to include a special section about you, but then ran out of time.

Your unicorn would have made the wedding complete. Miss you!

Bellie said...

Beautiful Anna!!! Sorry Brad and I could not be there to celebrate the joy of wonderful partnership in life. Cheers!!