Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend in Richmond

This past weekend I attended a conference down in Richmond put on by our sister organization, The Alliance for Bike and Walking. Being the loving husband that he is, Jeff agreed to come along for the ride and base his weekend training out of the Quality Inn. I also snuck off to get in some of my own riding, as sitting in a conference all day tends to make me cranky. On Saturday I headed towards the west side of town and eventually met up with the Conte’s ride. It was a gray dreary morning and I was most grateful for their company.

Sunday Jeff and I rode along bike route #1, which parallels the James River and eventually spits you out on a pretty busy road with a glass sprinkled bike lane that eventually dwindles into nothing. I will say that the riding along River Road afforded us beautiful views of the James River.

Unfortunately, the trail conditions were too muddy for mountain biking, but I was super impressed to see a decent network of trails easily accessible by bike from town. Judging by their signage, it looks like they’ve got some pretty gnarly trails. Looks like stick man is about to eat some shit (enlarge photo above for full effect)

So, it wasn’t exactly a fun weekend getaway, but we made the best of it. Oh, and the gods were smiling on Jeff as the Coke machine rewarded him with four for the price of one. His eyes sparkled with the magic of Christmas morning.


pabiker said...

Those trails are good for trail running if not cycling.

Anna said...

I'll have to bring my running shoes next time! I wonder if anything like that could ever happen in Rock Creek Park!? I'm guessing the trail user right issues are a bit more contentious.

Lorena said...

Was the trail as advanced as the sign says? Or was it just child's play to you and Jeff? I can't wait for the day when I can go mtn biking again. Especially with you! I dream about taking a trip to Moab together sometime in the distant future.