Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in the Pisgahs

Thursday morning Jeff and I loaded up the truck and headed down south for Thanksgiving with my family in the North Carolina mountains. Along the way, we stopped off at Love's, one of my favorite road side rest stops (exit 84 off I-81). They carry a pretty diverse inventory with everything from Native American dolls and dream catchers to Christian t-shirts, jumbo stuffed animals, and side view mirrors. Jeff was especially taken with their Krispy Kreme display and polished off a bag of doughnuts before we hit the Tennessee border. Arriving in Hendersonville around 4pm we were warmly welcomed by my mom and step-Dad.

The following day we headed for the Pisgahs. Normally we ride up Black Mountain over by Davidson River, but I decided to try and mix things up and visit the trails around North Mills River. Because we weren't exactly looking for an epic ride, I decided we should try to piece smaller trails together rather than heading up Laurel Mountain where I have spent much time extremely lost due to a slew of bandit trails. So, it didn’t turn out to be the best ride I’ve ever planned. A number of deep stream crossings forced us to backtrack a good bit, and I was particularly disappointed by some significant erosion problems.

Saturday was kind of a bust due to matching husband and wife chest colds.

Sunday we made our way to our favorite loop in the Pisgahs: Black Mountain Trail, to Buckwheat Knob, and finally to Bennett Gap. It was a crystal clear, slightly chilly, Sunday morning and not a hunter was in sight. Altogether, this 17 mile loop provides 3,300 feet of climbing with an average grade of 9% (data courtesy of Jeff). This has to be my all time favorite loop in the Pisgahs, with breath taking mountain views, technical rocky descents, endless climbs, and pristine mountain streams.

Dirty and tired we made a quick change in the parking lot, climbed aboard Jeff’s trusty Tacoma, and headed north to Maryland. Stopping again at Love's, I was disappointed with my selection of generic gummy bears. There really is no substitute for Haribo.


Jordan Kahlenberg said...

Why is it that Jeff is putting his foot down in every picture? I'm in need of some good riding by the way, is the couch still open?

Anna said...

Damn it Kahlenberg. Why did you have to enlarge the photo?! Oh, and it was actually Jeff you sent you the responding texting know, the one about Hanukkah. And there's always room whenever you wanna come down to ride!

Jordan Kahlenberg said...

I'm getting back on the bike next week, so be on the lookout for couch requests. Need to set my wheels up tubeless first though......

Tell Jeff I'll make some Potato Latkes for him when I come.