Monday, November 9, 2009


Last weekend's alley cat course ended up being a bit more challenging than I had expected. Originally I thought the course would focus around the downtown area; however, James was not shy about testing our navigational skills in the surrounding neighborhoods. Something of an epic adventure, the entire race took about 2 – 3 hours. The race also drew a rather impressive crowd, attracting people from faraway places such as Baltimore and DC.

The Race Report:
No matter what the scale of competition, once a finish line is involved in the equation, Jeff is completely committed to laying the hammer down. As his teammate, I was surprised to find him taking intersections with the kind of reckless abandon more common of my behavior. Ultimately our speed meant nothing, as the race was decided by bonus points rather than by the clock. In fact our commitment to speed landed us DFL. For our efforts we were rewarded with an opened bottle of whiskey and a fried chicken tender. Yay team SchalKelso!

The track stand competition was a bit more exciting. Being one of the last two standing, I went on to the tie breaker. I was ready to bust out my no-hands track stand that I have honed and perfected over the years, but I choked under the pressure and completely lost my composure. I continue to replay the moment over in my head, wondering why I cracked at such a crucial moment! So, I had to be satisfied with second place. I will say, I don't think the other guy was from Frederick …so technically I think I'm the Frederick track stand champ.

Although I'm still recovering from the outcome of last week's mayoral election, Saturday night helped to reaffirm my faith in the vibrant cycling community that continues to thrive despite its conservative, car dependant surroundings. Thanks again for a great race!

Oh, and congrats to Alex and Mike!

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mikejoos said...

Good to see your blogging again!!!

I was very impressed by your track standing skills!!!

how bout a mentioning of the talented gentlemen who won the skid completion too.