Monday, May 11, 2009


Ok, I’m a little behind with the race reports. I’ll start with May 3, 2009 …Ducktown Tennesse, the first race in the Kenda Cup East series. Jeff and I set off on Friday evening and stayed the night with my family in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The following morning we continued our journey onto Ducktown, Tennessee where the race was to be held. Funny side story about Ducktown, my step dad and his father both worked in the copper mines there. Growing up my step dad said you could taste the metal in the air. (photo gleaned from The smelting process emitted sulfer dioxide which had a dramatic effect on the landscape, leaving Ducktown looking more like Arizona than the mountains of Tennessee. (was that a run-n sentence?) It was also here that I spent many weekends in high school and college backpacking through the Blue Ridge Mountains. But I digress…

The relentless rains stopped long enough to get us through the first two laps of the race. I was actually feeling pretty good and would catch the lead ladies at the end of each lap, having a slight lead going into the climb. On the last lap I had a small gap on Janel going into the climb, but I let the knowledge of her stellar climbing skills get the better of me. Even if I could have stayed with her on the climb, my mind didn’t believe it …and so it was. Well, I’ll have to work on my positive affirmations for Bump n’ Grind down in Alabama. In the end I finished in 4th place.
As for Jeff’s race, he was in the lead until he flatted which cost him the win. Jeff was fairly pleased with his 3rd place finish considering the circumstances.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the rain …it rained all weekend …it never stopped …one continuous stream of water from the heavens. After the race we all went down to the Ocoee River in effort to wash our mud caked bodies. There is something very wholesome and good about bathing in rivers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,

Why have you forgotten about me?


Your Blog

p.s., Take some of your bikes home from the office and ride them. Don't you miss them? Why do you forsake the things you love?

Anna said...

Dear Blog,
I'm sorry that my behavior has left you feeling forgotten. I recently found a job that fills the void that you once filled. I'm not sure what our future looks like, but I know I am finding my job to be tremendously rewarding ...I am especially excited to be using skills such as reading and writing. Please be happy for me and know that you are not forgotten ...just put on the back burner for now.

Yours truly,

p.s., my mtb and I have a lovely weekend getaway planned in the blissful haven that is Happy Valley.