Monday, April 20, 2009


Spending one’s weekend in an office park seems like a funny use of time when you consider that most of us spend roughly 40 hours/week behind a desk. And yet, here we all are, suited up and ready to race circles around some of the most generic office parks to grace our country. Office parks annoy me most because they are just one of the many atrocities in urban planning that render us entirely dependent on our cars …couple that with strip malls and subdivisions and you have yourself a pretty bleak landscape with very little in the way of pleasant roads to ride ….hence the endless parade of office park crits.

On a more positive note, I will say that I find it rather beautiful to reclaim this space for the purpose of a bike race. A place that is usually overflowing with cars and devoid of any kind of physical activity, becomes alive with the chatter of enthusiastic racers who pour their hearts out every weekend in hopes of coming just a little closer to reaching their goals. Like a dandelion growing through a crack in the sidewalk, we continue to try to find a way to live in an environment that has become quite unhealthy for human habitation. It is a testament to our spirit that we can bring cheer to even the most depressing of office parks.
Wow, that was so melodramatic. I need to stop listening to Morrisey.

Oh yeah, so I raced the Syn-Fit and Carl Dolan Crits this past weekend. It was good to hash things out on the bike …I’ll save the real race report for our New Team Blog!!!!

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