Monday, March 2, 2009

A Visit Home

With the racing season just around the corner, I decided to take full advantage of my rest week and spend some quality time with my family down in Miami. I was especially eager to see my grandparents as they are now in their mid 90s and I never want to feel like I didn’t fully appreciate these precious years.

My mother, grandmother and I enjoyed a lazy Friday morning sitting around the kitchen table, sipping coffee and catching up. With an afternoon to kill we decided to go to the mall …yeah, I know …the mall. In any other time and place I would normally boycott the mall for three primary reasons:

1) Its promotion of useless crap, that no body really needs and will eventually wind up in a landfill in the not too distant future, makes me sick.

2) Malls suck the life from “Main Street America”. Malls pull people away from the center of town and eventually lead to the demise of local business.

3) Materialism is a product of Ego and Ego ties us tightly to our desires and attachment to our desires causes human suffering.

That being said, we are in Miami, the LA of the east. It is a sprawling mess of poorly planned concrete and asphalt. In addition, there are very few things that three generations of women can agree on doing together. (I even indulged in some over priced lipstick …but don’t worry, they didn’t test on any animals)

Friday night we went to the Women’s International Film Festival (WIFF) held at the beautiful Gusman Theater in downtown Miami. (According to my father, Maurice Gusman made his fortune in condoms) The festival opened with the The Brothers Bloom, a beautiful film about being the author of your own life. Although, I must admit I was a little disappointed to learn that it was actually directed by a man. What kind of message does that send?

Anyway …it was a good visit. I just wish my grandparents lived closer …or that Miami wasn’t such a horrible place to live for cyclists.

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