Saturday, February 14, 2009

Single Track 4 Lovers

Recently a friend of mine expressed an interest in introducing his girlfriend to mountain biking. In effort to protect his relationship from any unnecessary strife he asked for my female perspective on the subject. No matter what your gender or sexual persuasion, introducing your significant other to mountain biking does have a tendency to create a little romantic friction; however, I believe it can be done if executed properly. (photo: random image search for "lovers") Furthermore, there is nothing more rewarding than sharing a common passion for single track with the one you love. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have provided a list of helpful hints for successful romance both on and off the bike:

1)Stay together – I know this might get frustrating, but on your first ride in the woods it is ESSENTIAL that you stay together. Small frustrations are greatly magnified when a partner feels left behind or forgotten.

2)Positive feedback – Women love, love, love positive feedback. Make sure to let your lovely lady know when she has done something well (whether you mean it or not).

3)Keep it simple – For your first ride it is a good idea to choose a location that is not extraordinarily technical. For those of you in the DC area, Schaeffer Farms is a great place for first time mountain bikers of either gender.

4)Be realistic – Choose a distance that is appropriate for your lover’s fitness. You don’t want your lady to bonk ten miles from the car …unless you don’t have any plans for the evening.

5)Be a gentleman – Learning to mountain bike can be very intimidating and overwhelming, and it really goes a long way when someone is there to patiently provide support and guidance. This is a great opportunity for guys to resurrect the lost art of chivalry. Even a flaming feminist would gladly welcome a little chivalry given the right amount of distress.

Many of these tips come from my own personal experience ...a bit of a romantic train wreck really. In the end it was my love for the mountain bike that would stand the test of time. I suppose no college career is complete without a Gustav Klimt poster, late nights at Waffle House, and a good heart break. Hopefully these tips will help you and your lover find bliss on the trails and beyond.


gwadzilla said...

and if the sport is snowboarding...

have them take a lesson

Anna said...

Extreme downhill sports involve different rules

Anonymous said...

Do not laugh at her if she crashes!
- Kyle N.

Anna said...

I think you're starting to get it!

Ayo said...

But what if she crashes in a really cute way. Can you laugh then? I love this post. I'm adding it to my stumble list.