Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jeff's First Time

Since Jeff and I began dating I have made a concerted effort to let go of some of my dirty hippy ways. Among other things, he never seemed too impressed with my dumpster diving days in State College. (You'd be suprised by the number of grad students who have found sufficient sustenance in the back alleys of this small college town) My gleaning life was put on hold while living in DC as most dumpsters in the district are kept under lock and key. (photo: there were more loaves than our arms could carry) Aside from gathering the occasional curbside find, I was willing to change my roguish ways in effort to become a more suitable partner.

I'm not exactly sure what finally clicked, but it looks like Jeff might be warming up to the idea of dumpster exploration. Last night I took Jeff on his VERY FIRST DUMPSTER DIVING expedition. We arrived at the Panera dumpster shortly after closing and left with a rather sizable harvest. (photo: bag full of bagels) I’m actually trying to cut down on carbs …but who in their right mind can turn down such beautiful loaves of bread! Dismayed by the tremendous amount of waste, I believe Jeff is now a believer in the civic duty of gleaning what is so needlessly discarded by our glutinous society. Our next journey will be into the Weis dumpsters ...they don't have a compactor.


Blue-eyed Devil said...

You're gonna ruin that boy in record time. ;)

Anna said...

What's the record?