Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year;Old Friends

I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for the quirky town of Athens, Georgia and the many friends I made while racing collegiately with the University of Georgia Cycling Team. It was the spring of 2002 that I lined up for my first bike race at the University of Florida ....little did I know that, seven years later, racing and riding would continue to be a major component of my life. Nothing can compare to the camaraderie of collegiate cycling. Over the course of my undergraduate career, we formed friendships that have weathered the test of time and distance. And so, it was a special occasion that all of us (well, some of us) gathered again to ring in the New Year in Athens. Some got married, some had babies, some moved to big cities and accomplished great things ....but at the core, we're still the same kids who love to ride bikes.

And if it weren't for Jake's unrelenting passion for taking photos most of these gatherings would go undocumented. Thanks again Jake!!!

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