Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Big Day!!!

Jeff and I set off on the C&O just outside Frederick on Tuesday morning at roughly 7:30am. On any other day this would be my normal commute to work; however, today was special ….today, Jeff and I were making a pilgrimage to DC to take part in the most significant historic moment of our lives. We arrived in Georgetown around 10:30am, dropped our bags at the new CycleLife Gym, and headed for the national mall. Standing in the crowds we watched the jumbotron as Obama was sworn into office. It was truly a sacred moment. (photo: jumboTron on the lawn)

With a three hour ride home, we opted not to hang around too long. We grabbed a quick cup of coffee in Georgetown before we turned our bikes against the current and followed the Potomac back to Frederick. (photo credit: J. Schalk) Cold and tired, we arrived at the car just after 6pm. It was a monumental day that will forever be etched in our memories.

The day in pictures:


mikejoos said...

I purposely didn’t watch it on TV so i could hear the first hand, complete, unbiased report on

gwadzilla said...


let me take a second to plug my pics of Inaugural Week Ice Skating on the Mall!