Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter Bike League

Tomorrow marks the first Official Winter Bike League ride of the year. Each winter, cyclists come from far and wide to be part of the legacy that is the WBL (winter training sprinkled with southern hospitality). With field sizes ranging from 50 -150 cyclists, the WBL draws a rather impressive crowd, evidence of which is forever recorded in the Zealot Archives. (photo credit: WBL album)

Amenities include:

1) Reliable sag wagon
2) Colorful ride reports
3) Bling Bling Awards
(are these still going on?)
4) $print Point$
(handicapped points system serves to level the score between Pro/1/2 and Cat3/4)

January 3, 2009: Ladies Day!
$print PointS for ladies only! Join the region's fastest females as they duke it out for $print point$ without male interruption ...however, husbands and boyfriends are permitted to provide lead outs (none can compare to the Winter/Shirey team).

As a former Athens resident, you might say I'm a little biased, but the WBL is truly the best winter training you can find on the East Coast. Should you find yourself in the southeast this winter, I suggest you swing by Athens.

....after working up an appetite, you might want to grab a bite at Weaver D's (inspiration for the eponymous REM album ...Automatic for the People.)

photo credit: sooz flickr album


Blue-eyed Devil said...

eponymous...damn, that one really stuck, didn't it? :)

Now for a little irony...

Anna said...

I was wondering if you would catch that! Oh, and I had no idea about the whole REM connection to Eponymous ....crazy!

Speaking of crazy ...have you seen the new Spokes?

gwadzilla said...

Nice Work Cover Girl!

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Yeah, truth be told, I happen to have a minor hand in the editing of a certain article by a certain giant, fast-riding clydesdale whom you may have heard of. No glory; just personal satisfaction...sad, ha.