Monday, December 8, 2008

Tooting My Horn

Just last Friday Jeff and I headed off to the gym where we regularly go to pump the sweet iron (Jeff is forever trying to sell me tickets to his gun show). Upon our arrival I stopped by the entrance to grab the latest issue of Spokes to peruse inbetween sets of massive iron pumping. Indeed, it was quite a surprise when I was confronted by my own image. As always, it is Gwadzilla who I have to thank for the good press! For those of you who only read Spokes for the articles, be sure to check out Joel's piece on winter cycling! Lots of good winter tips!

Sadly, I think that was the last time I smiled on that ride was actually a miserably cold day and the snow eventually caked around my booties, encasing my feet in a blanket of cold wet hell. But for that brief moment, I was having a fantastic time up on Black Mountain Trail in the Pisgah National Forest and my friend Joos was there to capture the image on film. Thanks again Joos!

Ride report >>>> MLK Weekend 2008

Oh! And also be sure to check out the two page article on KELLEY ACRES!


mikejoos said...

i would like to thank my parnets for buying me a camera, making this moment possible, Anna for inviting me to go mountain biking in the ass blistering cold, cannon for making excellent quality cameras and my all my fans for providing the support and motivation to make this cover a reality.

Anonymous said...

anna kelso... 'so hot right now'

Anna said...

Yeah, but she's not an ambi-turner.