Sunday, December 28, 2008

Straight and Flat

In effort to absorb as much Florida sunshine before we return to the harsh realities of winter, Jeff and I have logged in some pretty hefty rides since our arrival on Wednesday night.

Thursday - Key Biscayne Loop
I have done this ride more times than I am willing to admit. Quick and convenient, it offers picturesque views of the Miami skyline and also some interesting side trips such as the Key Biscayne Lighthouse. It's a good option when you're short on time, but not so much fun if you're trying to log in some big hours

Friday - Key Largo
Friday morning Jeff and I left my father's house at roughly 10am en route for Key Largo. Making our way through Homestead we eventually hopped onto Card Sound Road and followed that onto the island of Key Largo. Save for a few openings in the dense mangroves we were afforded very little in the way of ocean views. Instead, the majority of our 5.5 hour ride was rather monotonous with just over 85 feet of climbing (thanks to the toll bridge).

Saturday - Key Biscayne
Yeah, it's an old standby.

Sunday - Everglades
Sunday morning came and we both were in need of 6 more hours to satisfy our training for the week. Due to the high population density of South Florida, it is quite difficult to string together 6 hours worth of roads without putting your life in great danger. So, we decided to spend the day riding in the Everglades National Park. Leaving from the visitor's center in Homestead we headed south to Flamingo Point. Straight and flat, there was very little to distract us from the monotony of the day. Luckily, Jeff had the good fortune of seeing his first alligator in the wild and I found reprieve from boredom through the magic of my ipod. Reaching Flamingo Point we gazed out at the ocean, soaked in the scenery, acquired some more fluids, and headed back the way we came. Returning to the car with more time left on the clock, we ventured into the agricultural territory of Homestead in search of more miles. It was a long day. I was even too tired to talk ...if you can imagine that.

Logging in our last hour of riding, Jeff and I officially crossed the threshold into rest week territory. Looking back over the past week, I asked Jeff if we would rather be warm in boring terrain or cold in interesting terrain. He conceded that we would prefer the latter ...I concur.


Lorena said...

No, I can't imagine you being too tired to talk. That must've been quite the ride.
But, I do see your point about the trade off between warm and boring vs. cold and interesting. I took my bike with me to Florida last year, and after the novelty of the wonderful warm weather wore off, I was also bored with the terrain. Here is a good alternative: Southern California. Warm AND interesting.

gwadzilla said...

Happy New Year!


when did you get this job for the Florida Bureau of Tourism?

my crystal ball shows that they are working on a slogan for next year's license plate

"Florida... it may be boring... but it is warm!"

I love Florida
but I have never brought a bike
have scanned yard sales and thrift stores
and in my youth my brother an I would play a game of tag in my grand parent's community where one person would get a head start on the three wheeler
then the other chased on the three speed
not sure of the rules

we were never forgiven when my brother crashed grandma's three wheeler into a person's mailbox
killed the front fork and set the mailbox askew

I wanted to go to florida this week past!

Anna said...

Yeah, it wasn't until I moved to Georgia in my teens that I realized why bikes have gears.

Lorena, maybe next winter we can spend Christmas in Southern California ...oh no wait're gonna be out with your sled dogs in Sweden!!!

Joel, your grandmother should have known better than to trust you with her bike.