Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Idiot's Gift Guide

I have identified the following items as this year's top three most useless gifts on the cycling related market. The cyclist in your life will be touched by your complete disregard for fiscal prudence.

1) Chris King Salt & Pepper Shakers - $120

2) Campagnolo Bronze Corkscrew - $200

3) IF Solid Gold Head Badge Key Ring - $2000


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Don't forget this. Sorry, no pic, but it looks loosely like a whale, with an opener in the "mouth" and 2 in the "tail fins". Yeah, it's cool that PMW recycles scrap Ti in creative ways, but really, one handle with 3 bottle-opener slots?

Don't get me wrong, if you could use all 3 at once, well, then they'd have something.

Anna said...

A fantastic addition to our gift collection.

I recently received this link from one of the UVA kids:

mikejoos said...

a carbon cap would go with that belt