Friday, December 12, 2008


Hillary Elgert

I not only toot my own horn ...I also like to give props to my friends. As a professional downhiller, Hillary bombs down the trails with her own unique brand of vibrant femininty and embodies the kind of elegant strength so many seek but few rarely attain. I am forever amazed and inspired.

Nick has done an amazing job of capturing her classic, rugged grace in a single image. Any sponsors looking to add another female to their Downhill roster?


gwadzilla said...

nice photograph

I will have to steal it

Stephen Wahl said...

that's a great photo.

b·i·a said...

Amazing Hillary!!! Good inspiration...

Best wishes from Catalonia.

frog_jr at sign said...

Can you please please put up a large copy of this? Hillary is (or was, I don't keep track) one of the most hottest women in cycling IMO and I sure wish I had a big copy of this. She is so the bomb, and this pic does her some justice.

-- frog_jr