Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bienvenido a Miami

Today I head down to Miami to be with my family for the holidays. (photo: our humble Christmas tree) Jeff is currently driving down with our bikes as traveling with two bikes during the holiday season quickly becomes both expensive and cumbersome ...and I'm not sure that we could fit both bike boxes into my dad's Chrysler Sebring. By the way, what is it about the Sebring that is so attractive to men in my father's age bracket? It's sensible yet a little flashy ....kind of like an automotive mullet. At any rate, Jeff and I can't wait to get down to Miami for some nice long warm rides ...even if it means being bored to tears in the Everglades.

Having the place to myself last night finally gave me the opportunity to finish Jeff's present ...and have a nice glass of wine while watching mindless TV shows on our newly discovered archaic cable outlet. I have lived without a TV for several years now ...I suppose everything in moderation. Last night I enjoyed a walk down memory lane with VH1 as they systematically identified the top 100 songs of the 1990s.

Safe travels to everyone!


b·i·a said...

Congrats for the blog and good new year!!!


gwadzilla said...

I want my blog to get congrats and new year's wishes

the gas price drop worked well for your drive