Monday, November 3, 2008

I heart Frederick

Yet another absolutely fantastic weekend in Frederick. Hillary and I put together some last minute costumes for Ange's party and Jeff double dipped on his Korean missile costume ...hey, there is no shame in double dipping. I went for the Frida Kahlo look (one of my favorite artists who did her best to make facial hair socially acceptable) and Hillary finally got a chance to break out her new metal detector. After a day at the beach Hillary has quite a collection of treasures stowed away in her fanny pack (is that one word or two?)

Saturday we joined CK (check out the Kelley Acres blog for ride photos!) and Lorena on the Kelley Acres ride. It's SO nice to be just down the road from Chris now ...and some how I still manage to be late? Chris also just started up her computrainer classes ....check out Fred's handiwork. This looks like a perfect place to seek refuge from icy streets in the winter.

On the way home we stopped by the Main Cup for our post ride recovery lattes. Yay!!!

Sunday we plodded towards the ridge on a mission to explore the watershed's newest addition, The Iceberg Trail. I give MAD props to the trail crew! They really built an awesome trail. There were enough rocks there to make Michaux blush (this is no joke) ...I think the local bike shops should go ahead and stock up on rear derailleurs and rotors ...I'm sure a good amount of shit will be eaten there in the coming months ...getting to know new rock garden can sometimes be a pretty steep learning curve. Sadly I did not have my camera in tow time.


Travis said...

It was built by a former Michauxslovakian known in the blogger world as PABIKER. Its pretty cool. It seems he took his boys out with him to teach them a bit about pulley systems. I was thinking about checking it out this weekend. I haven't been down there in a while. Don't forget about your neighbors to the north if you need something a little different to ride.

Ikon O. Klasst said...

So, ya skipped out on the Bliss to do another ride, eh? Hmm...I guess it was too much to expect you racer-types to hang with the rest of us mere mortals. ;)

Sounds like you had a good time, nevertheless.

Anna said...

Yeah, I'm sorry ...I meant to give you a call ...I didn't have a SS nor did I have access to homebrew. Hope you had a good time! I'll have to check out the details on your blog!

Oh, and Travis ...I'd love to get up there some time for one of those Michaux rides. I'll give Cheryl a call for details.

mikejoos said...

Like the costume!!! I knew who you were immediately!!! way better than the raisin woman you originally planned.

Anna said...

Yeah, but I eat so many raisins ...I thought it would be appropriate ...and I really like her big white bonnet.