Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cautiously Optimistic

This morning Jeff and I lined up with our fellow countrymen to cast our ballot down at the Evangelical Lutheran Church on East Church Street. Leaving Frederick roughly around 8am I began my commute into DC along the C&O canal. Maybe it was just me, but people seemed especially friendly and chipper today. Dads were out fishing with their kids, couples strolled along the river hand in hand, ladies jogged by like flocks of geese. Making my way from the hills of Maryland to the epicenter of our nation's capitol the air seemed to be charged with energetic optimism. Rolling by the White House there was a buzz of tourists and media milling around the front gates. Right now the entire world is waiting to hear who will be the next to inhabit this relatively unassuming place of residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. My heart swells with excitement at the prospect of a new era for our country.


gwadzilla said...

what a wonderful commute!

mikejoos said...

what a pretty area to ride!!! how often do you commute?