Friday, October 31, 2008

Spooky Bacteria

So ...I'm fairly new to cooking meat. I bought this lovely specimen of organic free-range chicken from an Amish farmer in State College last weekend. Now to defrost it ...I seem to remember something about not defrosting with warm water? I decided to call the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline. I wonder how many calls they get per day? What kind of credentials make one fit for such a position? Is it a 24 hour service?

Turns out defrosting with warm water can lead to some kind of crazy bacteria that can cause serious illness and even death especially for the young and elderly. Glad I asked!

Have any meat or poultry questions?



mikejoos said...

That’s pretty useful knowledge, that should be mandatory learning in high school.

Anna said...

For sure. What's more important ...knowing how to diagram a sentence or not killing yourself with scary chicken bacteria ...I think the answer is fairly obvious.

pabiker said...

Chickens are filthy animals. A lesson first learned from Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

Don't cut them on wooden cutting boards. Always clean anything that touched them raw as if it was infected with Ebola (soap & water) or just avoid chicken altogether.

It really doesn't taste that good anyway - IMHO.

Saltwater fish you can eat raw (sushi), freshwater fish you can not. Turns out freshies drink water and salties don't - greatly affecting their parasite content.