Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My New Commute

Since moving to Frederick a week ago, I have been commuting into work via the MARC train ….which I find to be most exciting. Each morning I walk the three blocks to the station, bid adieu to the sleepy town of Frederick and head off on my grand voyage to the big city. Perhaps the novelty will wear off, but for now I enjoy feeling as though I am living in the 1940s, throwing my scarf to Jeff as he waves goodbye.
This morning I decided to give the bike commute a try ….roughly amounting to 60 miles from Frederick to DC (this morning was longer due to my decision to hop on MacArthur for the final stretch). It is indeed a stark contrast to my former 10 minute commute down 16th street …and it took much longer than I originally expected (4 hrs total), but once I get the kinks worked out I think it just might work.

This morning I set off for DC on my trusty Soma Double Cross at roughly 6:30am. Although I was fairly well lit, the ride to the C&O trail in the pitch dark was a little on the sketchy side, but it didn’t take long before I hit the river and began heading south into the city.

What a beautiful commute! The sunrise was amazing, the river was breathtaking, the trail was alive with wildlife and cute old people out for their morning bird watch (I love cute old people). Somewhere along the way I burned through my breakfast …by the time I arrived at work (a little on the late side) I had already devoured my lunch …I even ate my veggie burger raw. My new Crumpler backpack worked out pretty well. Lots of clearance for head movement; however the shoulder straps are a bit wide for female shoulders, resulting in some armpit chafing.

Yup, I think it’s gonna work …I just need to leave a little earlier, ride a little faster, pack a little lighter and eat a bigger breakfast and I think I can easily incorporate this into my collection of commuting adventure options. Yay!

Tonight I think I’ll take the train home.


Rob said...

You are certifiably nuts.
Is that why we get along so well?

Rob said...

That last comment was me, Lorena, not Rob. Ditto this one.
That comment would be kinda creepy if it actually was from my husband to you, though, huh?

Anna said...

How do you I know that you are not someone posing as Rob posing as Lorena?

Jan said...

So you're saying your commute is 60 miles and 4 hours each way? Would you be doing both ways in the same day? I hope not. You'd have to put a lot more food in your backpack !

Anna said...

Well, my 4 hour day was probably more like 65 miles with some stopping here and there for various adjustments. I should be able to reduce both time and distance in the future. Oh, and my current plan is to either ride in and take the train home ...or take the train in and ride home depending on the day.

Jan said...

Still, that's an impressive commute, even if it was 3+ hours a day. My year-around grind of 28 miles round trip a day sometimes gets a bit tiring. Then again, if I had the pleasant C&O canal route instead of car traffic, it would be a lot nicer to deal with. Enjoy !

mikejoos said...

try putting mole skin in your armpits to prevent chafing (kinda like the way runners put band aids on their nipples)