Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Something New

Life is a funny succession of seemingly random events that ultimately bring us to profound moments in our lives. I am of the mind that there are no coincidences in this world. Everything happens for a reason and wherever you are right now, that’s exactly where you’re supposed to be (I'm not really sure how this philosophy explains times of horrific warfare). We might not always know where we’re headed, or understand why things happen, but sometimes we get lucky and arrive at a place in life that leaves us with a heart full of gratitude. (photo: The new family! Oh, and also my lovely lady shoulder hump left over from Mt. Snow)

And so, this past weekend we witnessed the culmination of these events that resulted in the marriage of my father and Rosa. Through their marriage we have become a happy family of five and I am technically no longer an only child (Got that Lorena? I am no longer suffering from OCS. I’ve been cured!) Yay! I have twin sisters! Ana & Betty! (photo: Ay que lindo!)

It is also not by coincidence that marriages are usually followed by wedding cake. Jeff and I looked forward to this part with eager anticipation. We were not disappointed ….that was until the remaining cake carcass was snatched away before Jeff could have seconds. Boooo! (photo: wedding cake & Miami skyline)

Two Left Feet

Due to the high cost of traveling with a bike, Jeff and I decided to try out the Broward County Velodrome which cost us a grand total of $8.00. Now that’s value!!! Normally it would have cost $18; however, they did not charge us for the bike rental as their bikes were in a sad state of disrepair. But how bad can things really go with one speed and no brakes? (photo: WTF?)

We played a romantic game of pursuit. Jeff hunted me down with the speed and stealth of the great Florida panther. I did the best I could given I was working with two left feet. We really need to get some more lamps for our new place. I was packing in the dark ….these shoes look nothing alike.

Considering my options, I decided to rock the flat pedal on the right side and the Speedplay on the left. Like the Royal Palm, I too bend in the winds of adversity.

Sky Mall is awesome. I think I may have found Jeff’s Christmas present.


mikejoos said...

he would prefer the blanket with sleeves.

Anna said...

I actually mentioned to Jeff that you know the inventor of the Janket ...while he was indeed impressed, we both agreed that Jumpin Jammers were more versatile.