Monday, October 6, 2008

Kelley Acres CX !!!

It was a tremendous honor for Lorena and I to make a special appearance as the podium girls at the very first Kelley Acres Cyclocross Race. Chris trusted us with this very important task and we were more than happy to oblige.

Hard to believe it was just last year that Lorena and I went head to head at the Miss Maryland Beauty pageant ...unfortunately, Miss Montgomery County took the title. But that wasn't enough to keep Lorena and I down. Together as Miss Frederick and Washington County, we make guest appearances at bike races, birthday parties, and fundraisers as well as our own respective county fairs ....I usually bring in a much bigger crowd than Lorena. (photo: Lorena, Chris, and I)

The Kelley Acres Cross race was a HUGE success!!! Chris and Fred, you really know how to throw a race! Can't wait for next year! I would provide more narrative, but I'll just let the photos tell the story. It's so much easier to take pictures when you're not racing!

left: Me, Jennette, and Lorena
right: porto-princess

left: Lorena makes final preparations in Fred's garage
right: Miss Frederick and Washington County!

The HPC crew!!!!

left: pro men's podium
right: Lorena & I dominate the women's field

left: Roger strikes a pose
right: Jennette, former homecoming queen, eats her well deserved sloppy joe

Lorena's photo shoot

left: Arley gets some puppy love. Oh, and congrats on 2nd place!
right: Jennette recently scored some sweet winter booties.

left: more awesome boots!
right: Coach!

left: the Foley Family!
right: men's podium ...can't remember what category???

left: HPC/Kenda developmental team
right: Former HPC developmental team

left: it was a double win day for the Shogrens!
right: Chris races with a broken wrist :(

left: lady's 1,2,3, race
right: Cheryl tears it up with an impressive 3rd place finish!

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K-country said...

Nicely done. We are so grateful to know such beauty queens and include us on your tight promo schedule. Many thanks.

Ikon O. Klasst said...

I gotta imagine it's hard to look beautiful with a billboard festooning your torso, but you two managed to really pull it off nicely! Well done.

Man, I need to get faster. ;)

gwadzilla said...


you made the cover of DEMONCATS!

Anna said...

Yeah, I would have gotten the elbow length gloves and baton had I known we were going to get so much press!

Remember my last Demoncats debut:

Oh, and then there was the Rock Creek TT: