Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Terrific Teaberry

Wow, I can’t believe the season is over ….and I can’t think of a better way to finish things off than on the hallowed grounds of Michaux State Forest. Oh, and the most exciting part is that my new fork arrived just in time …oh, and it was the first race I’ve won all year! (photo: PSU spring break in the Pisgahs 2004 - Justin Wagner - Gettysburg native .,..yeah, didn't take any photos at the race ...I don't wanna be that weird guy with the beard snapping photos of everybody ....there's only enough room for one of those in the Mid-Atlantic)

So ….maybe I’m not exactly diligent when it comes to keeping up with bike maintenance …but I’m a busy lady. Sunday morning over breakfast I mentioned to Jeff that I was experiencing some minor shifting problems and requested his assistance in rectifying the situation. Well, as it turns out, my derailleur hanger was bent …again. Unfortunately this time it really started to show evidence of being wrenched back into place countless times ….which meant I would need to exercise extreme caution when navigating through the treacherous rocks of Teaberry or face the consequences of a snapped derailleur hanger.

As we rolled down to the start, I was surprised to see that the women’s field was comprised of just three women (myself included). In fact, the field was rather small for both genders. What’s going on? Gas prices? The slick trail conditions? Or is mtb racing really struggling these days?

Although there were long sections of sketchy slick rocks, it was a fabulous day to race in Michaux. (photo - overripe bananas are so foul) I rode fairly conservative through the rocks on account of my derailleur; however, I did find myself racing with a lot more confidence than in years past. I didn’t hold back. I wasn’t as intimidated by the length and I was more willing to dig a bit deeper on the climbs. All in all, I think I have a lot more matches to burn than I believe (both on and off the bike). I think doing the Fools Gold and the SM100 helped me to get more comfortable with finding my limits in the shorter races(I opted for the 25miler). I was also in a hurry to get back to the finish line as Jeff and I were to begin our drive across country immediately following the race. (photo: teaberry - Gaultheria procumbens )

Yay! So I won! Sadly, I wasn’t able to hang out and enjoy the podium and the social scene …nor did I take many photos ….sorry folks …looks like we’ll have to rely on more random photo filler.

Jeff and I are now on our road trip to California. Last night we stayed in Lincoln, Nebraska and today we will push forward into Utah. I’m not too humble to admit that I’m the best road tripper ever and we all know that Jeff is good at the distance ….we make a pretty good team. (photo - we got food in Iowa)

Again, I wish I had more time to shoot the shit after the race. It was so good to see so many familiar faces. We have the entire winter ahead of us to work on improving the showing for Michaux Maximus 2009! Bring a friend! Bring your neighbor! Bring that guy from work who loves to run his mouth about about how much he loves to ride gnarly trails! Don’t let the flame of the Mid-Atlantic racing scene be snuffed out by the energy crisis! We can find creative solutions! (photo - dinner at Cracker Barrell)

til then ….”be well, do good work, and keep in touch” – Garrison Keillor

See you next year!


Loretta said...

Hey Anna

Good job ending the season with a win!! I just heard your moving to
Frederick and I'm so excited. I hope we're able to ride often together now that your going to be close.Our last race is Bear Creek and I'm looking forward to not needing to say the word train and just ride!!!! Dinner at our house as soon as your in. Enjoy your trip with your man and say hello for me. Loretta, Jennifer & Fernando

mikejoos said...

Congratulations on the win!!! and hope you have a safe journey.

What's in California?

Stephen Wahl said...

Congrats on the win at Michaux! I wish I could say I had a good day, but I was one of the many casualties in the 50 miler. Guess I should have followed my instinct and gone with the 25 mile race.

I am so looking forward to the off season after cross is over. Kelley Acres and then Wednesday night Gambrill rides. You will have to come out to some of these now that you will be a local.

How the hell can you take so many road trips? Seems like every time I read your blog you are off on some adventure. I am so jealous!

Overripe bananas are indeed foul. Bananas have a short shelf life in my house. When they start to get lots of freckles and the peel starts to get thin, I can't bring myself to eat them anymore.

Mrs. Outlaw said...

Nice job at Michaux! Sounded like the conditions were brutal.