Thursday, September 25, 2008

MTP Farewell

As much as I do not enjoy living far from adequate mountain biking, I will miss Mt. Pleasant. Such a vibrant community so rich in history and diverse in culture. It offers everything a good urban neighborhood should and at the same time manages to maintain something of a village atmosphere.

But I have learned that it is emotionally and environmentally unsustainable for me to live any great distance from proper mtb trails. There is, in fact, an inverse relationship between my sanity and number of miles to singletrack as can be seen in table 1.

And so, I look with hopeful eyes to the hills of Maryland where Jeff and I are soon to move. I think I am better suited to small town living ...and no longer will I have to drive to ride ...I can think of nothing more depressing. Oh, and in addition to living near the watershed, Jeff and I will be living directly above THE BEST BAGEL SHOP IN TOWN ....I can think of nothing more fantastic.

Please be sure to stop by and say hello on your way to the shed! ...unless you don't know us ...that would just be weird.


gwadzilla said...

we will miss you...
we will enjoy seeing you in the shed...

sounds like a good move

Ikon O. Klasst said...

Damn, well, can't argue with empirical data. Like G said, we'll miss ya and I don't even live in the city!

Ya know, now you'll have to drive to work, so don't bake a cake for sanity yet. ;)

Best of luck to you both, and see you at the Bliss.

Lorena said...

Oooooooooooh, please, do tell me that the bagel shop sells egg bagels!? You know that will be a sure way to get me to come visit.

mikejoos said...

I thought you had already moved. Well… Good luck with the move.

Moving can be pretty stressful, If I was in the area I would give you a hand.. Be sure to lift with your legs.

send me your mailing address when you figure out what it is. I’ve got a house warming card to send.