Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hmmm …what is missing from this registration list …..Something's not quite right ….I'll give you three guesses ...

Ovaries!!!!! Where the hell is the women's race??? We see a variety of men's races …we've got the pros, the not yet pros, and the used to be pros ….even several children's categories. I think this is an absolute outrage!!!!! Sound the alarms! Women unite!!!! How is it that the largest race in our nation's capital conveniently overlooked the female gender???!!!! Lest we not forget that CycleLife is in fact a women's team?

Further race info >>>>

Which reminds me ...CycleLife ... supporter of the fool proof rhythm method. What the hell?! Why not make a necklace for teen fashion as well??!!! This could be another blog post altogether.

Learn more about CycleLife's Cycle Beads >>>

(No offense CycleLife ladies! I really do like you! It's just the beads that I think are suspect to unintended pregnancy and leave women wide open to the ENTIRE gamut of STDs)

This is an official call to action! Unfortunately, I will not be in town during this event; however, I offer a prize to the most creative (and legal) display of civil disobedience!

Prize: 1996 Toyota Tacoma (230,000+miles)

Maybe GreenPeace would like to help us organize a sign drop? ….really though, are we going to stand by and do nothing??? At least bang on some pickle buckets and make some noise!

"Well behaved women never made history!"


Anonymous said...

Not even 1 event for the ladies, I hope the women show up and bang on something to make some noise about being left out of this race. What are people thinking these days.... Equality~


Mags said...

I love you woman!!! Your my idol.


K-country said...

It would have been nice to had a little notice that there would be no women's event prior to the "big announcement" of the race. (you know the one with the picture of the Colavita's womens team on It may have lessened the blow and ensured more participation by the local strong ladies next year if they can pull off an NRC event.
And what do you do with the beads???

Anna said...

The beads help you keep track of your cycle you you can strategically plan your love life according to your current state of fertility. I think they are especially proud of using this as a tool for family planning in developing countries ...countries where HIV/AIDS tends to be the bigger issue.

Anna said...

Oh, and you wear the necklace in order to alert prospective partners to your current state of affairs ....rather than talk about it.

K-country said...

Oh.. bummer about the beads. Thanks for filling me in...

JOY said...

i just looked at the bead site. they are horrible. i teach Health to high school kids and i think that is dumbest birthcontrol idea i have ever seen. you are supposed to WEAR the beads too? it just doesnt make sense. We have a name for people who practice the rhythem method: parents.

Ikon O. Klasst said...

Um, "well behaved women RARELY make history."

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Don't be slackin', girl.

BTW, it might just as well say "well behaved PEOPLE rarely make history."

You in Frederick yet?

Anna said...

Oops, sorry for the slow response.

Points well taken.

We hope to start moving in this weekend, but our lease doesn't really start until Oct 1. Once we get utensils we'll be sure to have a party!