Monday, September 8, 2008

Capital Crit

Re: Velorution!!!!

For those of you who like to say it with sidewalk chalk is a map of the ING Direct Capital Crit course I made with the help of walkjogrun

(click map to enlarge)

Link to race website >>>HERE

Also, I recently wrote an e-mail to the sports writer of the Washington Post concerning gender discrimination and the Direct Capital Criterium. Not sure if there is room for such an article during football season ...but it's worth a try. Here is his contact info should you wish to do the same:

Washington Post:
Title: Sports Staff Writer - Mark Maske
Sports E-mail:
Phone: (202) 334-7350
1150 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20071

Oh, and I should also contact the City Paper's their contact info as well...

City Paper:
Phone: (202) 332-2100
Editor: Erik Wemple


mikejoos said...

I will try out some reverse psychology. I will write a letter telling them how much I appreciate woman being excluded from cycling events. I will argue that women’s races are way less fun to watch because they are so much slower. Excluding them will help the sport of cycling. Besides women belong in the kitchen. I’ll through in something about how women shouldn’t vote either. that will get their attention.

Ikon O. Klasst said...

Don't worry too much, Anna. When Sarah Palin becomes VP, this sort of thing will never happen again. ;)

Anna said...

You have a point, if she did become VP(which she won't) she would probably turn it into the ING Direct Capital Beauty Pageant.