Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pro Ho

Ever find yourself running Google image searches on random things such as mullets, sebaceous cysts, excessive ear wax, stupid bikes or dumb inventions? I know I do. Today's random search of the day produced good results. It is a term some of you may or may not be familiar with.....

Random Google Image Search of the Day:

Click below for full story. Definitely worth the read.
Pro Ho: A Casual Observer's Field Guide

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Lorena said...

You did not overlook the image of the pro ho mom, did you? that one is classic.
well, since your image did not pop up on the google search, i guess you are off the hook until you have spent more money on your boobs than your teeth, and your skin takes on that creepy fake tan orange glow. and the hat i have of yours (i think?) in the trunk of my car isn't really a trucker's hat. so you're good. phew. google confirmed, it must be true.

Anna said...

Did you say hat? Is it my Nature Conservancy hat???

Maybe our next party should be a pro ho theme?

Chickin said...

Since Lorena is a pro mountain biker, does that make Rob a pro-ho?

Anna said...

Very good question. I think he's in the clear because they were married well before Lorena upgraded; however, I have seen him wearing trucker hats and aviator glasses at races he's kind of riding a fine line right now.