Monday, August 11, 2008

Gas Line

Rather than racing this weekend, I decided to spend some time up in State College at the Chateau Keveau. I was mostly there on business, selling my old road bike to one of the Penn State kids. It went to a good home. Funny how selling an old bike marks a new chapter in one's life. (photo credit: Kevin's facebook)

Eric, may you see many happy miles with your new bike!

I also spent some quality time in Rothrock which is always good for the soul. I've wrestled so many of life's big questions while bashing through the endless miles of rock gardens and mountain laurel.
....which is why nothing could have prepared me for the atrocity of the new gas line. A terrible scar left on the face of Rothrock stretching to the horizon. And in its wake, leaving a humiliated strip of exposed soil where once stood an endless supply of blueberries in late summer. Hopefully they will lay the pipe soon and the forest will be left to recover from this horrendous laceration.

Keveau's Chateau:

Rothrock's beauty:

The ghastly gas line:


mikejoos said...

That pipeline is huge, how long is that thing?

Anna said...

Too long