Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Windham Mt.

This is gonna be short and sweet …just like the course at Windham:

We arrived in Windham on Thursday afternoon which gave us the opportunity to pre-ride the course few times before the XC race on Saturday.

I believe it was roughly a 5 mile lap, with slightly less climbing and fewer rocks than Mt. Snow. The descent was fast and swoopy with lots of tight corners ….which is something I need to work on. The trails were dry. The weather was great considering it’s late July. I like this course MUCH better than Sugar Mt.

The women’s expert went of just a little past 8am. I found myself in great position going into the single track and was able to hold it for maybe the first half of the first climb ….not being a great climber I started to lose places ….which were then reclaimed on the descent. Lap two ….hmmm, I don’t remember lap two all that well. (photo: Shepard's pie)

Near the top of the climb on lap three I caught sight of the fourth place woman just ahead of me. I tried to quiet my breathing and pass her looking confident and strong like the mighty cougar that once inhabited these hills. Unfortunately she called my bluff. She ramped it up a bit. I thought I’d be able to catch her on the descent, but I was a bit too accommodating when allowing another racer to pass …which sent me into a rock that brought a dead stop to both my descending and my internal ipod. Looking back it was a pretty good race; however, next time I think I’ll try to pass fourth place with a little more gusto.

Sunday afternoon we headed towards New York City were we sought refuge with my very best friend Maggie. As luck should have it, Jake, another good friend from the UGA days, is also living in NYC and together we all (photo: Maggie, Alex, Jeff, Jake, and me) dined at an establishment that was quite similar to the GRIT ….an Athens favorite. Almost felt like the old days ...speaking of which, we've gotta get serious about this Bulldawg reunion!

After dinner we began our search for the elusive NYC black/white cookie ....Jeff's favorite. Our efforts were rewarded ....Jeff bought three.

As always, Jake was there to capture the evening on film…

Today we leave for Mt.Snow.


emma said...

Sounds like you are having a great time racing. Sounds like the food was good too. Tell Maggie and Jeff I said hello.

Loren said...

Good luck at Mt. Snow Anna! If you see a girl in the Expert race with a Putney Westhill jersey on a red Sinister hardtail named Kate, say hi to her from me!

Anna said...

Will do! Hope all is well with you! I'll have to check out your blog to see how you're liking your new home!