Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wilderness 101

Big day for Trek at the Wilderness 101!!!!

Congratulations to Cheryl and Jeff!!!!

Last weekend I joined Jeff up in State College for the Wilderness 101 ....let me clarrify, I was up there as support ....Jeff was there to lay the hammer down .....and indeed he did. Providing him a feed at aid stations 2 and 4 I was surprised to find myself with a bit of the race jitters. Funny how you can get so nerved up for someone you care about.

Jeff set a course record with a time of 6:41 and won the race 7 minutes ahead of teammate Chris Eatough. Rather than try to give an accurate account of the race details I will direct you to Harlan's race report on cyclingnews>>>> HERE

Cheryl also had a fantastic day on the bike and won the women's race with an impressive 10 minute gap on Michelle. Together Jeff and Cheryl continue to push the limits of elite athletic performance in the 100 miler scene.

Some other photos from the day:

Is that an ice scraper that Ann is stirring with?!

Wes and his one speed

Straub suffered 3 flats: 1 in the car and two on the bike

Jacob: First local hero across the line!
Be sure to check out Ann's newest artwork!

Koglemann loads up at aid station #2


mikejoos said...

Way to put the hammer down in the support stations!!!

Lots of Pringles, are Pringles a good race food? Never seen that before, I’ll have to try that out.

gwadzilla said...

simply amazing!

pushing himself
pushing the limits of the sport

the kid from the grass roots team standing up front and center!

very cool!

Kate Flore said...

What a stud! 6:41?! You sure know how to pick them Anna!

Anna said...

Actually, he picked me ...and I'm not even that fast!