Monday, July 21, 2008

Stormin's Bad Day

Looks like Friday at Superweek didn't go so well for Lorena either. After lapping the field in a 3 woman break, Lorena went down with just one lap to go. We all love you Lorena! You're a winner in our hearts! Be sure to keep lots of ointment on that sweet angelic face! I'll bring you some cookies!!!

Not to be a Debby Downer, but Sue also had a rough weekend after suffering a broken ankle in the xc race at Mt. Snow. Please send Sue and Lorena lots of get-well wishes!!!!
(photo taken from Lo-C's blog)

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mikejoos said...

Maybe use one of those rock bars from are conservation crew job @ mount A to wedge under the vending machine. Could probably do it w/ one hand.

I should get my teeth whitened