Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stage IV

The Crit:
I'm gonna have to keep this fairly short and to the point 'cause we still have quite a drive ahead of us. (photo: Jenette, Lesley, Gen, & Sue)

So, today was my best result at Fitchburg to date. I felt good. I had pretty good positioning coming out of the last corner and am happy with my 9th place finish. I also had a nice cheering squad out on the course, which really made all the difference. Lorena, Jeanette, Gen, Lesley and Sue all came out to show their support. I felt so loved! (The MABRA Crew: Amanda, Christina, Sara, and Me!)

The women's 1/2 crit started off with Lorena in the green points jersey. I think there may have been a few attacks here and there ....and then Sue put in a huge attack which launched her into a solo breakaway which she was able to hold for a good while. All the HPC ladies were working hard to keep Lorena in the green points jersey. Unfortunately Cheerwine also had similar ideas. Perhaps next year I will have moved up and can help HPC vie for the green jersey once again. (photo: Lorena, Me, & Sue)

Sue and Lorena might give a better account of how their race unfolded:

Sue's Blog
Lorena's Blog

photos from the women's 1/2 crit:


Bellie said...


Great job at Fburg.

I love the picture of the team with Lo in the green. Can you get me a picture? Pretty please?

Anna said...

Of course! You can either right click on it and "save as" ...or I can also send it to the list serve.

Wish you could have been there! Hope all is well up in Amish Country!

K-country said...

You have no choice but to race well when your people have you name spelled out cheering for you. How fun!! Great job on racing and reporting. Welcome back.

Anna said...

Yes, it was indeed performance enhancing.

Thanks for all the home-based support! Oh, and your tray was a real life saver!

mikejoos said...

Excellent performance!!!

9th place @ a big race like Fitchburg, you must have got some up grade points for that.

Anna said...

Nope, no points....not even in a field of 54. But I think God loves me a little more than before.

Thanks for your excitement though! Glad to see you using the "explanation points"!!!!