Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stage III

Lorena got the points jersey!!!

and Lesley finished in 8th!!!!

We had dinner at Bangkok Hill!!!!

more details to follow....

more details...

The Circuit Race:
I must say, I really enjoy the circuit race course. It’s a roughly 3 mile lap with one short steep hill with a hill-top finish. (This is the hill I think of whenever I’m doing reps over on seminary hill) The remainder of the course is pretty fast, a couple dog legs, a fast straightway, and then a sharp 90 degree right turn into the hill. Leading into that hill it’s really all about trying to maintain as much speed as possible. It is for this reason that I prefer to take the outside line fairly wide. It proved to be a good move as I found myself up in the top 5-10 almost every lap ….it means so much not to have to chase back on at the top of the hill.

On the last lap I was feeling good; however, I don’t think I took in enough calories after the road race the day before because I was feeling a little shaky. From what I remember, I had pretty good positioning coming up the hill to the finish, but wasn’t able to hold ...still a better finish than last year ...I'm pretty sure. I crossed the finish line with nothing left.

In other news:
The women’s Cat1/2 race was rather exciting. A two woman break comprised of Cheerwine and Colavita formed about halfway through the race. Meanwhile, back in the main field, Lorena was racking up the sprint points that eventually landed her in the GREEN POINTS JERSEY!!!! YAY!!! Lesley, our top HPC finisher of the day, pulled off an impressive eighth place. You're an animal Lesley!

Oh, and I should also mention that Sue took very good care of Lorena throughout the race. She stuck with the Stormin' Mormin' like an empty Gu packet on a hot summer day ....succesfully leading her out for the point sprints.

Lorena's race report HERE


K-country said...

YEAH!!! Great HPC Day! What were you eating? It looked a little wormy. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Go get'm tomorrow.

emma said...

What kind of weather was that? And who's the guy in the red jacket and the big mustache. I agree with k-country that the food looked a little wormy. You should try some Vietnamese dishes.

Anna said...

It's Pad Thai. Sooo tasty!

mikejoos said...

I love pai thai!!! That’s like my favorite type of noodle dish, i hope there is a Thai place in NY.

Anna said...

....sometimes hope is all we have
See you next week!