Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stage II

The Road Race:
Yay! Penn State Proud! Joe and Dana were nice enough to pick me up yesterday for the women’s ¾ 9:30am start. It was a grey New England morning. A steady rainfall put a slight damper on the mood in the car. We arrived a little after 8am ….and sat in the car until the rain let up enough for us to sign in. (photo: crappy ass weather)

Dana and I finally found the inspiration to suit up and get at least a short warm-up in before staging. Staging took a while ….the officials were adamant in warning us about using EXTREME caution on the descent. I suppose it is fairly fast …much less sketchy now that the road has been repaved. Once the officials had successfully struck the fear of the Good Lord in our hearts we were ready to roll out.

Ok, so the long and the short of it is that I felt good the entire race. Not a very aggressive race save for the Australian juniors who tried to mix things up here and there. Aside from the Mt. Wachusett climb at the finish, the only thing that really thins out the field is the hill before and after the feed zone. I used to struggle here a good bit. This year I felt fairly comfortable and successfully stayed up in the front the entire time ….oh, except for that part up Mt. Wachusett. (photo: Dana & Joe) Yeah, that’s were things started to fall apart. I don’t do the long steep stuff so well. I am happy to report that I stayed with the lead group up Mt. Watchacallit much longer than I ever have. Looking at the results, I was a bit surprised to see that there were so many women ahead of me …funny, it didn’t look like that many at the time. Oh, well. Baby steps. I think I’m feeling stronger with every year I revisit Camp Fitchburg. Progress not perfection. (photo: Nicole & Dana)

Oh, and Dana’s back on the bike after she broke both of her arms earlier this year at a crit in Philly!!!! This is her first race back!!! She’s a tough lady. So glad you’re back to the races Dana!!!

In other news:

The HPC women's 1/2 crew remains strong. Sue was climbing well up in the lead group, but unfortunately suffered TWO flats. Although the wheel changes were speedy still sucks to have to chase back on twice ...loyal HPC sister, Jenette, waited for Sue each time and helped bring her back to the main field.

Lorena was very close to taking the points jersey after taking two of the QOMs. Maybe today's circuit race will give here the opportunity to wear the green jersey.

Speaking of which, I should get over there and see how they're doing. More on Stage 3 later....


K-country said...

Great update and racing. Hope you enjoyed a little circuit racing today!

Bellie said...

Damn. Two broken arms. Put the fear in me before I leave for Superweek. I hope she is healing well.

mikejoos said...

I have the same problem with climbs. I think it’s are huge guns slowing us down, maybe we should put your are arms in slings and let them atrophy for a while?