Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stage I

The Drive

Lorena and I hit the road by 9:30am in route to Boston Logan airport where we were to gather our VERY SPECIAL GUEST RIDER, Sue Haywood. The miles zipped by, we made fantastic time. Lorena is quite the multi-tasker. In all honesty, I wish she would pay more attention to the road. She thinks she's rather skilled at the knee driving ....I'll give here that:

(check out Lorena's take on thing >>>> Here)

Stage I: Tima Trial

Wow, were to start ….a rather hectic day

It was just one of those days when nothing seems to go right. Throughout the night I was slowing losing air pressure in my mattress …when I awoke this morning there may have been 1 or 2 PSI left in its tired plastic body….the hard wood floor made it’s presence known. I sprung out of air mattress hot on a mission to get to the race hotel in order to get my number (we were a bit late getting in last night). After making several wrong turns (Fitchburg has a pretty low budget for road signs) and driving several miles in the wrong direction I finally arrived at the hotel only to learn that in fact packet pick-up was located at the time trial course. So I made my way back to our host house, got dressed, rode to the TT course …only to learn that packet pick-up really was at the hotel all along. The race officials were very helpful and took pity on my panicked soul ….I signed a release form, made a homemade number and off I went.

I actually felt better than I expected. Still waiting for results to be posted.....

After finishing the TT, I promptly made my way to the host house in order to hop in the car and head to the race hotel in order to pick up my packet before they closed down at 11am. Unfortunately I forgot to take a house key with me. No one was home. I gathered some packing material from Sue’s bike box and took a nice nap on the back porch until the everybody got home. I must say, it was a blessing in disguise as I rarely take naps and I really was in need of some extra sleep. The sun shone down on my worried brow and I was eventually soothed to my slumber.

The good news is, I now have my packet and a new air mattress. Tomorrow should be better.


K-country said...

Glad you made it F-burgers! Go fast tomorrow. Good update. Lo Ryder has some Hot Shades and Good Teeth....double click on the pix.

Anna said...

Thanks CK! We miss you!

mikejoos said...

Wow! Sue Haywood, you know everyone. Looks like your having fun. I’m jealous.

give'm hell!!!

emma said...
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gwadzilla said...

as the sign reads in UTAH


you would be better off drinking a case of 3.2
rather than trying to finish that sweater
working on a collar or a sleeve on a twisting road can end in a knitting disaster!

mismatched sleeves?
diminutive neck opening!

emma said...

Nicely written. Very interesting narrative. I hope your brow is not still worried.

Bellie said...

Anna, Fitchburg is know for flatting air mattresses!! Brad and I woke to our butts on the wooden floor a few years ago, too. It's a conspiracy by Aerobed.