Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Small Things

Speaking of aggressive women ....Kerry Litka, of Small Things Considered, is more or less the woman who inspired me to enter the blogging world (I suppose Gwadzilla also had his influence).

She knows not who I am, nor does she know the profound impact she has had on my cyber-life....

May her razor sharp tongue and eloquent prose continue to inspire the aggressive woman in us all.


gwadzilla said...

kerry litka and I are opposites in the sport and in the world

I am large... she is small
I am male... she is female

my guess...
kerry reads while joel watches television

she is a woman of few electronic well chosen words... I am a man who types whatever

oh well...
that opposites thing did not develop as well as I had wished

Anna said...

yeah, I see where you were going with that. It had potential, but then it kinda fizzled ...kind of like short term relationships.

I think we're due for another coffee talk.

Kerry said...

welcome to the blogosphere. I am touched that I inspired somebody to do anything.

Anna said...

So nice to meet you in Blogland! I'm touched that you're touched!

Oh, and I LOVED your post on the naming of running shoes. Is that in your archives still?

Kerry said...

Sort of:

I have the old stuff on a different site/server (before I switched over to a new host and WP). Some day I need to move it all over but in the meantime, the diary archives are not easily accessible.