Friday, July 18, 2008

Mt. NoGo

Well ....I don't really know what to say. I was pre-riding (yeah, that's right, I ate shit and wasn't even racing) the course yesterday ....hit something of a glorified water bar with a bit too much speed ...went down pretty hard ...which resulted in a 3rd degree shoulder separation, some butt road rash, and something that looks like a chainring mark on my back, no racing for me today ... (photo: I see dead birds)

What is it about Mt. Snow?! It is my most favorite race of the entire year. I absolutely love the descent (and even kinda like the climb) and somehow, every year, something crazy happens. The first year I blew a hole in my knee on the last lap ...finished the race and went home with a knee full of stitches. The second year my skewer kept wiggling open which afforded me a good 30 min. of riding before I had to stop and re-secure my front wheel. Last year I was completely exhausted and fatigued after taking care of a friend of mine who had been hit by a car the week before ....and then I got this psycho stomach parasite from the hose water which made for a long lonely ride home (I know all the rest stops between VT and DC fairly well now). (photo: got to watch a bit of the tour while waiting)

And now this year ....didn't quite make it to the starting line. It didn't even happen in a technical section ....completely caught me off guard. Hmmmmm ....well, there's always next year. Live and learn. Next time I'll be a bit more conservative on the water bars.

Gotta keep things in perspective; at least I dont' have West Nile virus!

Many thanks to Randall for giving me a ride into Bennington!!!! Turns out we're both virgos! What a small world.


MRussell said...

SOrry to hear about the set back, Heal up quick.

JAA said...

Anna....I am sorry to hear this. Major bummer. But as I told Lorena...good rest for the upcoming CROSS season! Take it slow. - Jeff

JAA said...

Oh that dirt on your left TOE!!

Rob said...


Looks like you and Lorena can comisserate! You guys will have to see who has the best road rash/scars.

K-country said...

Not you too! What a pain! Sorry to hear this. Hope you heal fast. You have dancer feet for sure:)

Loren said...

Sorry to hear about the crash Anna, that really sucks. Good luck with a quick recovery so that you can take your revenge on everyone during the cross season!

Anonymous said...

That really sucks. Hopefully you will at least score some good painkillers out of this mess.

gwadzilla said...


sorry you did not get the race you wanted
and of course I am happy you were not hurt worse

if you are healthy enough to blog live in real time you must be pretty okay

again... sorry to hear about your injuries
glad you were not hurt worse

heal up fast!
get some rest
rest is a powerful medicine


Roman Holiday said...

My buddy is a Dr. in Bennington, VT - may be he helped you out?

mikejoos said...

"walk it off" that what my little leage coach would say.

try doing some active recovery, healing intervals folloewed by some healing sprints.

get better soon!!

Anna said...

Thanks everybody for your well wishes! Luckily it was nothing serious. Just a bit sore n' stuff.

Oh, and it's actually not dirt on my toe, I stubbed it about a week ago and am still recovering.

As for Roman Holiday's doctor friend ...I can't remember his name, but he was super nice and had great bedside manner. If it was your friend, tell him I said thanks!

Icon O. Classt said...

Damn, girl, take care of yourself and heal up quickly!

emma said...

What did Roman Holiday's doctor friend (possibly) say about your shoulder? I was of the perhaps misguided opinion that a third degree shoulder separation could require surgery? Or maybe that is just what they tell us weaklings.

Many thanks, Randall, for driving Anna to Bennington.

Yep, this is your mother.
Always good to know you are still alive. Thank God for blogs.
Glad you have so many friends. Thanks guys! Stop by anytime - just bring a sleeping bag because the Inn is full.