Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ride Sally Ride

Ok ….race reports. Sorry for the delay, didn’t mean to concern
anyone! People start making check up calls when I haven't posted in a while! I just seem to have come upon a writer’s block. In addition, I haven’t been as active with the camera at races resulting in a lack of visual representation. (hence the random photo filler)

So, where to start….

Ride Sally Ride: Originally I had planned on heading up to Amish Country for the Rapho Road Race; however, it seems Red Rose Races has fallen upon some hard times. Skimming a detailed account of the situation posted on the Red Rose website, I was not surprised to find that it is rooted in a tumultuous business relationship between Butterworth and Ruof. Yes, this is the same Butterworth who historically refuses to provide a women’s cash prize and who also excluded the men’s pro ½ field from the 2007 race schedule.

So, it was under these unfortunate circumstances that I found myself at the Ride Sally Ride crit on Saturday morning in Sterling, Virginia. Not much to report really. The field was largely represented by Artemis and Cyclelife (by the way ladies, I could use some of those beads if you’ve got an extra set lying around). The HPC representation included Tania, Catherine, Chris, and myself. Artemis and Cyclelife put out a bunch of attacks. I seem to remember being in a break with Lesley Jennings for a hot second ….but with 20 laps to go there was more than enough time on the clock for Artemis to chase us down.

Chris and I chased stuff down. Chris attacked a few times. I chased some more stuff down. We had few little breaks here and there. Tania’s crank arm ripped right out of her bottom bracket, but she still managed to keep her shit together and not go down. Catherine held her own and even helped chase some stuff down. The sprint came, I thought I had it in me, didn’t quite make it in the points ….but it was a good day overall. Chris and I cooled down together ….we talked racing ….we talked life ….one is really just a microcosm of the other. Thanks for a good chat, Chris!!!

Tour de Tykes race report soon to follow....


Icon O. Classt said...

That's better. ;)

Congrats on, uh, lotsa things.

K-country said...

Cool down was totally my favorite part! And how'd you get my dad's comb over pix? I keep tellin'him...

Anna said...

Yes, lets cool down together again some time soon!

OH, and thanks to Mr. Classt for the props!